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Parent package: Foswiki::Render
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    internal package Foswiki::Render::Zones

    Support for rendering anchors. Objects of this class represent a set of generated anchor names, which must be unique in a rendering context (topic). The renderer maintains a set of these objects, one for each topic, to ensure that anchor names are not re-used.

    ClassMethod new()

    Construct a new zones set.

    ObjectMethod finish()

    Break circular references.

    ObjectMethod addToZone($zone, $id, $data, $requires)

    Add $data identified as $id to $zone, which will later be expanded (with renderZone() - implements %RENDERZONE%). $ids are unique within the zone that they are added - dependencies between $ids in different zones will not be resolved, except for the special case of head and script zones when {MergeHeadAndScriptZones} is enabled.

    In this case, they are treated as separate zones when adding to them, but as one merged zone when rendering, i.e. a call to render either head or script zones will actually render both zones in this one call. Both zones are undef'd afterward to avoid double rendering of content from either zone, to support proper behaviour when head and script are rendered with separate calls even when {MergeHeadAndScriptZones} is set. See ZoneTests/explicit_RENDERZONE*.

    This behaviour allows an addToZone('head') call to require an id that has been added to script only.

    • $zone - name of the zone
    • $id - unique identifier
    • $data - content
    • $requires - optional, comma-separated string of $id identifiers that should precede the content

    ALERT! Note: Read the developer supplement at Foswiki:Development.AddToZoneFromPluginHandlers if you are calling addToZone() from a rendering or macro/tag-related plugin handler
    ALERT! Note: Macros will be expanded in all zones. TML markup will not be expanded in the head and scripts zones. Any formatting in head and scripts zones including [[TML links]] must be done directly using HTML. TML pseudo-tags like nop. verbatim, literal. and noautolink are removed from head and script zones and have no influence on the markup. All other zones will be rendered as a normal topic.

    Implements %ADDTOZONE%.

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