Publication Procedure

The bottom of each page has a "Publish Page" button. When this button is pressed, that page is published immediately. Here is a rough outline of our proposed publication process:
  1. Author/Content Contributor makes changes in wiki
  2. Submit changes to appropriate Content Supervisor (person responsible for page or topic)
  3. At Content Supervisor's discretion, notify rest of the Web Dev. Com. giving at least one full day before the changes will be published
    • If not approved, back to step 1.
  4. If no objections, Content Supervisor publishes changes. The published site may be viewed by browsing https://wiki.lepp.cornell.edu/published/WebHome.html
  5. published changes get automatically pushed to public website at 4:00am.

For logging purposes, an email is sent to our Web Publish HyperNews forum each time a page is published. To receive these notifications, please subscribe to Web Publish.

Content Supervisors

Each directory in our site (which corresponds to a TWiki web) will have a "Content Supervisor" responsible for the content and appearance of that directory. In addition, separate Content Supervisors may be appointed for individual pages or topics.
  • Content Supervisors are responsible for maintaining the group members (those able to edit and/or publish) of their web

Requests for new webs must be sent to WebCom-lepp@hypernews.lepp.cornell.edu . When the request has been approved, the new web will be created including initial pages and groups as necessary.
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