Ideas for Scripts

  • Orbit correction (Colwyn)
  • Twiss correction at EMS. (Adam, use GPT?)
  • Degaussing magnets
  • Cavity alignment
  • Magnet alignment
  • others?


  • C2 / D1 viewscreen. What is the current state?
  • 0% duty factor for laser
  • Recovering EPS ready signals
    • Gun HV has no ready signal
    • ICM RF has no ready signal
  • Recovering slow laser shutdown
    • Need a laser shutter readback
    • We are using the Thorlabs shutter now, which piggybacks from motor controller
  • Recovering fast laser shutdown
    • Sets pockels cell control signal to 0V
    • Might also use this mechanism to zero the duty factor?
  • Gun H2O flowmeter readback
  • Gun Inverter repair
  • Gun HV interlocks bypasses


  • Serve other optics functions (Colwyn, Adam)
    • alpha, beta (served, but currently meaningless in space charge area)
    • beam size
  • Response functions
    • For each magnet, response at an arbitrary s (orbit, time, dispersion, etc)
    • Should this be done via a virtual machine? Or stand-alone tao?
  • Use response functions to make “effective knobs”
    • Example - knob(s) to set FFAG injection position / angle
  • Multiparticle data (Colwyn, Adam)
    • Viewscreens
    • Phase space
    • CSR? Space charge in BMAD?
  • GPT data in low energy area
    • Initially from existing GUI via button (Adam GUI, Colwyn python)
    • Later, separate server (REU?)
    • Serve all possible data, similarly to BMAD


  • Colwyn's ongoing subversion of authority due to repressed childhood psychological trauma
  • Adam's continuing quest to rid the world of sea turtles, one K-cup at a time
  • John Dobbins's bad attitude... in general
  • Nilanjan's hangriness

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