{{documentation|content= {{Template:Collapse Templates}} Usage This template can be transcluded to display a Drop down list. This template had 3 parameters (described below). '''The Id parameter''' is very important if you are using 2 drop down lists on the same page.

Parameters This template contains 9 parameters for different purposes:

=Name= This is the name parameter that shall display the name of the list, defaults to 'Text'. To set the name parameter type {{Drop down list|Name=Name}} which will render as
{{Drop down list|Name=Name|id=name}}
{{Drop down list|Name=TW}} renders as

{{Drop down list|Name=TW|id=TW}}
{{Drop down list|Name=WPTWTW}} renders as

{{Drop down list|Name=WPTWTW|id=Twinkle}}

=Values= The list can hold up to 8 values i.e the text within the list. To add the values type {{Drop down list|Name=Name|Value1=Hello|Value2=Wikipedia|Value3=Blah!}} and so on until Value8 .
The values support both Wikilinks and external links i.e you can also type {{Drop down list|Name=Name|Value1=Hello|Value2=WikipediaPedia|Value3=[https://www.google.co.in/ Google]}} which will render as

{{Drop down list|Name=Name|Value1=Hello|Value2=WikipediaPedia|Value3=[https://www.google.co.in/ Google]|Value4=|Value5=|Value6=|Value7=|Value8=|id=Example}}

=Id= If you are using more than one drop down list on the same page this parameter is '''very important'''. The Id parameter for each list should be different and unique (if using more than one on the same page). To set the ID type {{Drop down list|id=Your Id name}} .



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