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Startup Procedures

  1. Begin Elog entry
  2. Run "Start Timers" script. If filament is off, select Warmup On on Klystron Ready Chain page. If filament is on, selectr Standby Reset. After 5 minutes and before 30 minutes, start ICM HV power supply. Run executable erl_hvps_screens on cesr201. NB: One of the timers is to turn off the buncher IOT if the buncher has not been put in cavity loop within 45 minutes.
  3. Secure the CBETA perimeter
  4. Run "Turn On" script
  5. Check laser position on pinhole. To do this, set the laser to 400 Hz, 42 bunches. Set MA3DPA01 to zero. (Otherwise the EPS limit will prevent opening the laser shutter if the MLC is on or being tuned, for example.) Set laser to CCD. Use Laser/NanoPZ switches to center the beam in the pinhole.
  6. Turn on gun
  7. Phase ICM: (matlab_scripts\cavity_phasing\icm_phasing_gui.m). Turns off A3 magnets. For each cavity, click Setup Machine and wait for red Phase button to turn yellow. Then click yellow button and wait for it to finish. After all cavities have been phased, click Reset Machine.
  8. Run script "Neil Degauss Tyson". At least once.
  9. Check MLC orbit
    • Turn off MLC cavities, adjust 2K heater accordingly. Typically 13 W will keep the temp at the target 12.5 degrees with the cavities off. Target is pump skid blower speed 10-40%.
    • Put laser on 400 Hz, 42 bunches
    • Put B1/D1 on pass 0 BPM timing
    • Check/correct orbit so that it is at zero through MLC
  10. Phase MLC (matlab_scripts\cavity_phasing\mlc\cavity_phasing_gui_02.m (On a linux machine!))
    • Click each cavity button, and wait for the beep signaling that it finished
    • Click "Calibrate Phases", and make sure fits look good
    • Click "Set Phases" ONCE
    • Turn back on each cavity, one at a time (click LLRF Reset button, then ON), and adjust 2K heater. Typical value is 2 W with cavities on.
    • Put laser at ~20-50 Hz, and 8 bunches
  11. Check orbit through S1, should be roughly near zero. If not:
    • If the MLC energy tweak script is still primed from the previous shift, try "tweaking" cavities
    • Try a manual energy adjustment, but return to original point if not obviously better
    • If all else fails, a manual dipole change will be needed. See below.
  12. Make sure orbit through S1 is well centered in quads
    • Put in IS1SCR02, and verify that going -0.5 A and back on each S1 quad does not move the beam centroid by more than a small fraction of its width on the screen.
    • If it does, adjust the dipole right before the quad, possibly using the one right after the quad to re-position on the screen, in order to reduce the motion.
    • When you are done, verify that the orbit through the line has not changed from MLC energy drift. If it has, you will have to do it again.
  13. Find best injection orbit into the FFA first pass
    • Ideally, small changes to MS1DIP06 and MS1DIP07 should be all that is required to find a smooth FFA orbit. This should be quick and easy!
    • Occasionally, larger changes in both are needed, and also MS1DIP08. It is not clear what has drifted when this is needed.
    • The orbit correction GUI can be used, with a simulated response matrix, but be careful to only use (perhaps) IFABPM02-16, and a small number of S1 correctors.
  14. Iterate dispersion correction in S1 and FFA injection orbit, as needed.

Manual Procedures (if scripts fail)

  1. Check the ICM RF power supply state, start timer
  2. Check laser synchronization
  3. Turn on Laser Amplifier
  4. Open Gate Valves
  5. Turn on buncher IOT
  6. Load machine state from Save/Restore
  7. Turn on buncher
  8. Check status of low energy beam
  9. Turn on ICM cavities, checking alignment
  10. Check status of injector beam
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