How to: GeoPIXE: Generate a list of energies for XANES spectra or XANES mapping

You need to generate a list of the incident x-ray energies used in your XANES experiment in order to generate a XANES spectrum or a set of XANES maps. If you are doing XANES mapping, this process is much easier if all the data for each single experiment is saved in its own directory. You may wish to use a Maia checklist to keep track of your experiments at the beamline.

If you are doing multiple XANES scans with the same energy range and number of steps, then you only need to this process once.


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1. In the Spectrum Display window, go to File > Import > energies from list-mode.

2. A new window will open, asking you to "select a device for XANES energies." Choose Synchrotron at the top, then "Maia 384/96-HYMOD data acquisition" from the list. Click OK.

3. Next a window will open asking you to select the data path to scan for files. Choose the folder where the files for the XANES spectrum or XANES map data of interest are located. The data will be in the raw directory.

Note: If you have extra non-XANES files in the folder, or more than one XANES scan located in a folder, you can work with this- go ahead and choose the folder where the XANES data you want to work up is located, even if other stuff is there too. See step 6.

4. When you have navigated to the folder of interest, press “Open” in the lower right. This process make take some time, especially for XANES maps.

5. Eventually, another data path window will open asking you to choose where you want to save the .CSV output. This is the list of energies GeoPIXE has extracted from your data files. Be sure you choose a path on the "analysis" directory, NOT "raw," or you will get an error message that GeoPIXE can’t write the file, and you will have to start this process over. Enter a file name and press Save.

6. If all the data in the directory you chose to read belongs to the same experiment, then you are done. However, if you had extra data files or multiple maps in the folder you read, you will need to manually edit your list of energies. Open your .CSV list of energies in gedit (in an XFCE session, open a file browser and navigate to the .CSV file, then double click the file) and delete the energies that do not correspond to the data files you want to be in your map or spectrum.

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