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KinoSearch is a Perl implementation of the Apache Lucene search engine (implemented in Java). This is the implementation of this indexed search engine for Foswiki. With KinoSearch you create an index over all webs including attachments like Word, Excel and PDF. Based on that you get a really fast search over all topics and the attachments. You need this contrib if:
  • your wiki has grown so big, that default search is too slow or
  • you want to do search not only on the topics but also the attachments.




See the KinoSearch topic for user documentation.

Searching With Kinosearch

The kinosearch script uses a template called kinosearch.tmpl to render the results. You can override it in the same way as any other templates (i.e. create kinosearch.yourskin.tmpl, Set SKIN = yourskin,pattern).

There is also the KinoSearch topic with a form ready to use with the kinosearch script.

If you have the Foswiki:Extensions/KinoSearchPlugin, you can use the rest handler instead. The syntax is identical to the kinosearch script.
  • https://wiki.classe.cornell.edu/bin/rest/KinoSearchPlugin/search
  • cd foswiki/bin ; ./rest KinoSearchPlugin.search

Note: Rest handlers currently require the user to be authenticated. If you want unauthenticated users to search, use the kinosearch script instead.

The following form submits a query to the kinosearch script. The installation instructions are detailed below.

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Integrating KinoSearch into Foswiki's Internal SEARCH (experimental)

integrated SEARCH results

By setting $Foswiki::cfg{RCS}{SearchAlgorithm} = 'Foswiki::Store::SearchAlgorithms::Kino'; (a setting in the Store settings section in configure), Foswiki will use the KinoSearch index for any inbuilt search (including WebSearch) that it can (for regex searches it will fall back to the Forking search algorithm).

If you want Foswiki's WebSearch to also show you attachment results (when you select the 'Both body and title' option), you need to also set {KinoSearchContrib}{showAttachments}=1, and add kino to the front of your SKIN setting.

The reason this feature is experimental, is that kinosearch does not do partial matching, so searching for TAG will not match text like %TAG{"something"}%, only instances where the word TAG is seperated by whitespace. Foswiki's SEARCH expects total partial matching.

Note: This currently only works for Foswiki 1.0.x.

RSS Feeds

RSS 2.0 feeds can be set up for any search results. To access the feed append &rss=on;skin=none to the end of the search url. There is a link to the feed from the results page in the default templates.


Creating a New Index

Each topic's text body, title, form fields and attached documents are indexed.

You should run this script manually after installation to create the index files used by KinoSearch. You can also schedule a weekly or monthly crontab job to create the index files again, or execute it manually when you take down your server for maintenance tasks. To prevent browser access, it has been placed out of the public bin folder.
  • cd foswiki/tools/ ; ./kinoindex

Updating the Index

The kinoupdate script uses the web's .changes files to know about topic modifications. Also, a .kinoupdate file is used on each web directory storing the last timestamp the script was run on it. So when this script is executed, it first checks if there are any topic updates since last execution. The most recent topic updates are removed from the index and then reindexed again.
  • cd foswiki/tools/ ; ./kinoupdate

This script should be executed by an hourly crontab. As before, this script has been placed out of the public bin folder.
# m h  dom mon dow   command
35  *  *   *   *     cd /path/to/your/foswiki/tools/ ; ./kinoupdate

Attachment File Types to be Indexed

This extension uses the Foswiki:Extensions.StringifierContrib to index attachments. By default, the following file types are indexed:
  • .txt
  • .html
  • .xml
  • .doc
  • .docx
  • .xls
  • .xlsx
  • .ppt
  • .pptx
  • .pdf

You can change this with the $Foswiki::cfg{KinoSearchContrib}{IndexExtensions} setting in configure.

If you add other file extensions, they are treated as ASCII files. If needed, you can add more specialised stringifiers for further document types (see Indexing further document types).

Indexing of Form Fields

All form fields are indexed. For this, the form templates are checked and the included fields are indexed. Additionally the name of the form of a topic is stored in the field form.

Note: With kinoupdate only the form fields that existed at the time the initial index was created are indexed. Thus if you add a form or if you add a new field to an existing form, you should create a new index with kinoindex.

Installation Instructions

You do not need to install anything in the browser to use this extension. The following instructions are for the administrator who installs the extension on the server.

Open configure, and open the "Extensions" section. Use "Find More Extensions" to get a list of available extensions. Select "Install".

If you have any problems, or if the extension isn't available in configure, then you can still install manually from the command-line. See http://foswiki.org/Support/ManuallyInstallingExtensions for more help.

You only need the Foswiki:Extensions/KinoSearchPlugin if you are using the rest handlers, or the %KINOSEARCH% macro. Otherwise you are fine without it.

There are additional packages required as listed in the dependencies under Contrib Info.


There are a number of settings that need to be set in configure before you can use the Contrib.

Test of the Installation

  • Test if the installation was successful:
    • Change the current directory to the tools Foswiki installation directory.
    • Run ./kinoindex
    • Once finished, open a browser window and point it to the KinoSearch topic.
    • Just type a query and check the results.

Upgrading From SearchEngineKinoSearchAddOn

If you previously used the SearchEngineKinoSearchAddOn (either on TWiki or on Foswiki), you will have noticed that this has been repackaged as a Contrib in line with Foswiki standards. The plugin is available seperately at Foswiki:Extensions/KinoSearchPlugin

You will also need to move your settings from SitePreferences into configure.

Finally, the following settings have been renamed:

  • $Foswiki::cfg{KinoSearchLogDir} --> $Foswiki::cfg{KinoSearchContrib}{LogDirectory}
  • $Foswiki::cfg{KinoSearchIndexDir} --> $Foswiki::cfg{KinoSearchContrib}{IndexDirectory}

Contrib Info

Author(s): Foswiki:Main.MarkusHesse, Foswiki:Main.SvenDowideit & Foswiki:Main.AndrewJones
Copyright: © 2007 Foswiki:Main.MarkusHesse; © 2009 - 2011 Foswiki Contributors
Release: 1.31
Version: 11720 (2011-05-18)
Change History:  
18 May 2011: v 1.31, Foswikitask:Item10765: use API rather than read .changes file directly -- Foswiki:Main.AndrewJones
16 May 2011: v 1.30, Foswikitask:Item10746: Index shouldn't crash on bad WEBFORMS setting; Foswikitask:Item10742: Should not display search score as part of results -- Foswiki:Main.AndrewJones
13 Apr 2011: v 1.29, Foswikitask:Item10291: use !KinoSearch1 library -- Foswiki:Main.AndrewJones
25 Mar 2011: v 1.28, Foswikitask:Item9731: fix searching on form:NameOfSomeForm; Foswikitask:Item8632: move kinosearch/ to working/work_areas/KinoSearchContrib; remove unused config -- Foswiki:Main.AndrewJones
01 Dec 2010: Foswikitask:Item9311: using Stringifier instead of StringifierContrib; minor improvements rendering search results -- Foswiki:Main.MichaelDaum
04 Sep 2010: v 1.27, Use the ICON macro as it is documented, instead of calling a function that was removed in 1.1. Also $websStr can be undef in searchStringForWebs(), so it is best to check that it is defined before testing it with a regex. -- Foswiki:Main.MichaelTempest
14 Jul 2010: v 1.26, removed the ks_test_ script. Use the stringify script from Foswiki:Extensions.StringifierContrib instead
06 Jun 2010: v 1.25, Foswikitask:Item8629: refactored to use Foswiki::Extensions.StringifierContrib -- Foswiki:Main.AndrewJones
14 Apr 2010: v 1.24, Foswikitask:Item8426: fix typo in Index.pm
11 Mar 2010: v 1.23, Foswikitask:Item8581: fix executable permission bits, fix typos, add dependency CPAN:Text::Iconv, flushes log files, move kinosearch/bin files to standard tools location -- Foswiki:Main.WillNorris
04 Nov 2009: v 1.22, Foswikitask:Item2326: small documentation improvent -- Foswiki:Main.IngoKappler
24 Sep 2009: v 1.21, Foswikitask:Item1363: port to Foswiki -- Foswiki:Main.WillNorris. Rename to KinoSearchContrib and split plugin into KinoSearchPlugin; add stringifiers for .docx, .pptx and .xlsx; change the kinosearch script to work with FSA; Moved settings into configure; Commands now set in configure; Replaced system() calls with Foswiki::Sandbox->sysCommand(); Handle passworded MS Office files; Make the index more robust if it somehow encounters binary files; Can now specify skipped topics; updated and simplified docs; added doc for TipsContrib; update templates; Foswikitask:Item8246: fix checking of access controls -- Foswiki:Main.AndrewJones
06 Nov 2008: v 1.20, minor revert to stop crash
05 Nov 2008: v 1.19, fixes for (nex)twiki/trunk
20 Aug 2008: v 1.18, added Integrated SEARCH, SearchEngineKinoSearchPlugin, restHandlers, updated code and tests -- Foswiki:Main.SvenDowideit
6 Aug 2008: v 1.17, TWikibug:Item5717: persist use form choices, TWikibug:Item5647: cope better with attachment problems -- Foswiki:Main.SvenDowideit
4 Jun 2008: v 1.16, TWikibug:Item5646: Problem with attachments with capital letter suffix
12 May 2008: v 1.15, TWikibug:Item5579, TWikibug:Item5580, TWikibug:Item5619: Problem with ALLOWWEBVIEW and Forms fixed
23 Apr 2008: v 1.14, TWikibug:Item5273, TWikibug:Item5546, TWikibug:Item5550, TWikibug:Item5552: Use current user in search script
27 Jan 2008: v 1.13, TWikibug:Item5271: Option "show locked topics" now works
19 Jan 2008: v 1.12, TWikibug:Item5270: Enhancement of stringifiers
19 Dec 2007: v 1.11, Additions on stringifiers, modification of output format
17 Nov 2007: v 1.10, PPT stringifier added
11 Nov 2007: v 1.09, Some bugfixing
3 Nov 2007: v 1.08, Some bugfixing
7 Oct 2007: v 1.07, Some bugfixing
6 Oct 2007: v 1.06, Upgrade for 4.1, Release with Foswiki:Extensions.BuildContrib
29 Sep 2007: v 1.05, Indexing of form fields
16 Sep 2007: v 1.04, Stringifier plugins for doc, xls and html
13 Sep 2007: v 1.03, Indexing of PDF and TXT attachments
08 Sep 2007: v 1.02, Index and update script enhanced
24 Aug 2007: v 1.01, Update script included, Result uses highlighter
14 Aug 2007: Initial version (v1.000)
Foswiki::Contrib::StringifierContrib>0Required for indexing attachments
Add-on Home: http://foswiki.org/Extensions/KinoSearchContrib
Support: http://foswiki.org/Support/KinoSearchContrib
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