How to: GeoPIXE: Batch process XANES fluorescence maps

You will first need the list of XANES energies and the XANES DA matrix (-xanes.damx) before you can perform this process.


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1. In the Sort EVT window, load a pre-processed, reasonable .DAI file from your previous experiments using the "From DAI button" to populate the Maia-specific settings correctly.

2. In the DA/E.Cal tab, make sure the energy calibration is correct. Click "Get" to load a new energy calibration spectrum (.spec) file.

3. In the DA/E.Cal tab, load the XANES DA matrix (-xanes.damx) file for your mapping experiment.

4. In the Flux tab, make sure the Q/IC calibration is correct, and check that the IC Scaler channel, preamp sensitivity, preamp scale units, and dwell time are correct.

5. You do not need to change settings in the Device or Scan tabs.

6. In the Files tab, you will first want to process any one of the images to check that the setup looks correct. It is a good idea to choose a map towards the end of your XANES experiment so you can be sure you are looking at a map where the the element of interest will show up clearly.

  • Use the "First File" and "Last File" buttons to load the raw data (.0, .1, etc.) for one of the XRF maps in your XANES experiment, recalling that each map will have a separate Maia scan number.
  • Choose "no" if asked to use detector calibration parameters. Choose "yes" to use Pileup and Throttle files recorded with your data.
  • Set the Output path to the correct analysis folder, turn on the cluster, and press start.
7. If the resulting image (.dai file) looks reasonable for your experiment, you can proceed to XANES batch processing.

8. In the Sort EVT window, press the "Batch" button.

9. In the window that pops up, use the "Dir" button to load the directory containing all the XANES experiment maps you want to process (usually one folder contains all the files for one map)

10. Use the “Delete” button to avoid processing any unwanted folders in the directory. This does not delete the raw data. You should only have to do this if you have more than one map in the same directory.

11. Make sure the number of images in the batch setup matches the number of energies in your XANES energy list- you should have one map per energy.

12. Select any desired processing options below the table of files. The default values are fine. Save the batch processing setup if desired.

13. Press start. This will process all your XANES maps.

-- LouisaSmieska - 24 May 2016
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