Intro: GeoPIXE: Launching GeoPIXE from an XFCE session

The video on this page demonstrates how to launch GeoPIXE from a terminal window, and briefly introduces the three main windows in the program.



1. Open the terminal emulator using the shortcut at the bottom of the screen, or using the Applications menu.

2. Optional, but recommended for processing large data sets: Type qint in the terminal window and press enter. You may be prompted to enter your CLASSE password the first time you do this. This command connects you to the CLASSE computing cluster, which can allow you to speed up the processing time for some functions in GeoPIXE.

3. Type the command geopixe & into the terminal window and press enter. The ampersand allows the cluster connection to continue while you run GeoPIXE. In a few seconds, GeoPIXE will open.

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