Intro: GeoPIXE: Loading an existing spectrum and navigating the spectrum display window

This tutorial demonstrates how to load an existing spectrum (.spec) file into GeoPIXE, and gives some tips on using the Spectrum Display window to examine your data.


  • Zoom in: "Expand"
  • Zoom out: "Shrink"
  • Restore entire spectrum: "Full"
  • Set a specific energy range: in View 0,1 mode, set the high energy followed by the low energy marker by clicking on your spectrum, then click "Widen."
  • Adjust y-scale: "Up" and "Down" buttons
  • Restore auto-y-scaling: Change "Fixed" to "Auto"
  • Toggle between y-scale Log/Linear: "Log/Lin"
Identifying peaks
  • "Window > Identify x-rays" plus "Identify line" cursor
  • Toggle "Mark element" in "Line identification" window to plot K, L, and M lines for specific elements on your spectrum
-- LouisaSmieska - 02 May 2016
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