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Dos & Don'ts

  • DO: Know where the nearest exits are from your present location

  • DO: Call 911 (campus phone or direct hallway line) or (607)255-1111 (cell/pay phone) in an EMERGENCY

  • DO: If you hear a fire alarm, immediately, but calmly, exit the building, using stairways if necessary, not elevators

  • Think.JPG DO: Take responsibility for establishing your own safe working environment

  • DO: Consult this Handbook, your supervisor, or the Safety Director on safety issues

  • DO: Ask your supervisor how to safely accomplish any assigned task

  • DO: For any task you assign, provide the worker(s) proper training & information

  • DON'T: Perform any hazardous task alone: observe the : No operation involving a known risk shall be carried out by any person working alone; risk shall be considered eliminated only after two competent people have agreed to this judgment

  • DO: Ask someone to stop working if you think he or she is not working safely; you should both agree on proper procedures

  • DO: Learn where the various research areas are and the specific hazards in ones that you may enter

  • DO: Take the required specialized training for your task

  • DO: Learn what the many warning signs and different audible alarms mean

  • DO: In off-hours, bring questions to the CESR/CHESS/ERL operator/control rooms (page/visit)

  • DO: Learn what areas are designated as "controlled" for radiation purposes (they can change)

  • DO: Read and understand the SDS for any hazardous chemical/gas/material you work with or near

  • DON'T: Bring hazardous materials (chemicals, biologicals, gases, radioactive sources) into a building without authorization, notification, or proper packaging

  • DO: Understand proper disposal methods for hazardous materials

  • DON'T: Dump chemicals down the sink or hazardous materials in the trash

  • DON'T: Use shops, cranes, fork lifts, lasers, chemicals, or radioactive sources without specialized training

  • DON'T: Remove someone else's Safety or Lockout padlock

  • DO: Understand that uncontrolled release of gases or liquid cryogens can deplete oxygen in enclosed spaces

  • DON'T: Start new and significantly different hazardous activities without an approved Safety Plan

  • DON'T: Smoke inside any campus building nor within 25 feet of any entrance

End of Dos & Don'ts
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