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FMB User Cheat Sheet FMB beamline status page http://new status.chess.cornell.edu/id3b Useful spec commands Moving motors wm motorname returns motor positions ...
FMB Useful links FMB Beamline status page * http://new status.chess.cornell.edu/id3b Rough flyscan time estimator * https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d...
Welcome to the Functional Materials Beamline (FMB) at MSN C The Functional Materials Beamline at CHESS, located at hutch ID3B, provides synchrotron based x ray sc...
CLASSE IT documentation for NoMachine can be found here: https://wiki.classe.cornell.edu/CHESS/NoMachine Desktop client Installing the NoMachine remote access c...
Image Processing Techniques for X ray data This page contains information and tutorials about Flat field image correction and Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), wh...
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Scan Probe Image Collection This page serves as a tutorial to complete the Scan Probe image collection technique. For information on how to complete Fullfield ima...
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Main.SarahBonestell 24 Jun 2020 Sample Holder Examples * Due to the accuracy required to successfully use the Sample Holder, please have the Sample Holder pri...
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Full Field Imaging What is Full Field Imaging? Full Field Imaging is any imaging technique in which all pixels of the image are collected at the same time, in pa...
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Main.SarahBonestell 09 Jul 2020 InstantPlot Features Display Features * The default display when InstantPlot opens is the detector view. The following pictur...
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Main.SarahBonestell 24 Jun 2020 InstantPlot Instructions What is InstantPlot? InstantPlot is a custom software that lets the user view data from both SAXS and W...
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How to Install Python This page serves as a guide on how to install the latest version of Python, and includes reccomendations on useful programs to aid in softwa...
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